9th International Meeting of Saxophonists

3rd International Saxophone Competition »Alps - Adria – Danube« & the 3rd International Saxophone Competition for the "City of Nova Gorica Award"
Nova Gorica, 3rd – 4th July 2005

Anyone can take part in the competition; participation in the Summer School is not a precondition. The competition will operate in three age categories. In all categories, the programme comprises one compulsory composition, as well as a free choice of a composition (except in the 3rd category).

Category 1: born in 1989 and younger

Compulsory composition:

  • P. Šivic: Notturno (Evocazione) (Ed. Sloway Music Editions)

    Composition chosen from the following list:

  • B. Adamič: Igračkanje / Toying (Ed. Društvo slovenskih skladateljev – DSS)
  • A. Chailleux: Andante et Allegro (Ed. Leduc)
  • F. Combelle: Fantaisie mauresque (Ed. H. Selmer)
  • F. P. Demillac: Sicilienne et Tarantelle (Ed. Combre)
  • G. Guilhaud: First Concertino (Ed. Rubank)
  • T. Habe: Quasi habanera (Ed. DSS)
  • J. Ibert: Histoires - I., V., VII. st. (Ed. Leduc)
  • C.-H. Joubert: Baroco (Ed. Combre)
  • D. Joly: Cantilène et danse (Ed. Leduc)
  • I. Krivokapič: Mala rapsodija / Little Rhapsody (Ed. E.M. WICKY s.a.s.)
  • C. Pascal: Impromptu (Ed. Durand)
  • F. Perrin: Fantaisie tzigane (Ed. Delrieu)
  • J. Rueff: Chanson et passepied (Ed. Leduc)
  • J.-B. Singelée: 5eme Solo de concert op. 91 (Ed. Lemoine)

    Category 2: born in 1985 and younger

    Compulsory composition:

  • S. Osterc: Sonata (Ed. Društvo slovenskih skladateljev - DSS)

    Composition chosen from the following list:

  • P. Creston: Sonata op. 19 (Ed. Shawnee)
  • J. Françaix: Cinq danses exotiques (Ed. Schott)
  • I. Gotkovsky: Brillance (Ed. EFM)
  • B. Heiden: Sonata (Ed. Schott)
  • P. Hindemith: Sonate (Ed. Schott)
  • P. Maurice: Tableaux de Provence (Ed. Lemoine)
  • D. Milhaud: Scaramouche (Ed. Salabert)
  • R. Muczinsky: Sonata op.29 (Ed. Schirmer)
  • C. Pascal: Sonatine (Ed. Durand)
  • I. Petrić: Sonata (Ed. Pizzicato)
  • R. Planel: Prélude et saltarelle (Ed. Leduc)
  • P. Šavli: »Ni trjeba črne tinte« za alt saksofon in klavir / "No Need for Black Ink" for alto saxophone and piano (Ed. Sloway)
  • P. Šivic: Suita (Ed. DSS)
  • A. Tcherepnine: Sonatine sportive op.63 (Ed. Leduc)

    Category 3: born in 1979 and younger

    Qualifying Round, which will select a shortlist of six contestants

    Compulsory composition:

  • L. Lebič: Invocatio za alt saksofon in klavir / Invocatio for alto saxophone and piano / a Primož Ramovš (Ed. Sloway)

    Solo composition chosen from the following list:

  • L. Berio: Sequenza IXb (Ed. Universal)
        Sequenza VIIb (Ed. Universal)
  • P. Bonneau: Caprice en forme de valse (Ed. Leduc)
  • P. Merkù: Charis II (Ed. Pizzicato)
  • R. Noda: Maï (Ed. Leduc)
  • J. Rueff: Sonate II. in III. st. (Ed. Leduc)
  • J. Scelsi: Tre pezzi (Ed. Salabert)
  • K. Seletković: Portreti (Ed. Billaudot)
  • Kh. Stockhausen: In Freundschaft (Ed. Stockhausen Verlag)

    Finale: (6 finalists)

    Compulsory composition:

  • A. Desenclos: Prélude, cadence et finale (Ed. Leduc)

    Concerto chosen from the following list:

  • P. Dešpalj: Concerto (Ed. Southern)
  • A. Glazunov: Concerto (Ed. Leduc)
  • J. Kalčič: Concertino (Ed. Sloway)
  • P.-M. Dubois: Concerto (Ed. Leduc)
  • L.E. Larsson: Konsert (Ed. Norduska MF)
  • H. Villa-Lobos: Fantasia (Ed. Southern)


  • Compositions are to be played from original scores only.
  • Younger participants can play in higher categories, vice versa is not possible.
  • The 1st prize winner of the 1st and 2nd International “Alps-Adria- Danube” Competition (Krško 2001, Nova Gorica 2003) can only compete in a higher category.
  • Each competitor has the official accompanist (Zoltan Peter) at his/ her disposal.
  • Before the competition, competitors are obliged to prove their identity by means of an identity document.
  • Each competitor has to prepare 4 (four) copies of the piano part of the chosen composition.
  • The competitors will be listed in the order fixed publicly by lot.
  • The decision of the jury is final; discussion with its members is possible after the competition has finished.
  • The organizers reserve all rights concerning public recording and presentation.


  • Massimiliano DONNINELLI (I), assistant professor of saxophone at the State Conservatory “G. Tartini” in Trieste, composer, internationally acknowledged soloist and chamber musician;
  • Matjaž DREVENŠEK (SLO), professor of saxophone at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana, and member of the Zagreb Saxophone Quartet;
  • Peter EPSTEIN (USA), saxophonist and composer of jazz, world, classical, folk and popular music, head of the Jazz Department of Nevada University in Reno;
  • Nenad FIRŠT (SLO), composer, artistic director and conductor of the Celje String Orchestra, and head of music activities at the Celje Cultural Board;
  • Fabrizio MANCUSO (F), assistant at the State Music School in Annecy, lecturer at municipal music schools in Seynod and Genas and member of Quartet Habanera;
  • Saša NESTOROVIĆ (CRO), soloist of the HRT Big Band, versatile jazz saxophonist, and member of the Zagreb Saxophone Quartet;
  • Dejan PREŠIČEK (SLO), lecturer of saxophone at the Intermediate Music & Ballet School in Ljubljana, and member of the 4Saxess Quartet;
  • Miha ROGINA (SLO), winner of the 1st International Saxophone Competition “Alpe Adria Danube”, Krško 2001, and prizewinner of other international music competitions;
  • Dragan SREMEC (CRO), deputy dean and professor of saxophone at the Zagreb Academy of Music, and member of the Zagreb Saxophone Quartet.

    Rules for the Jury:
    1. The members of the jury are Massimiliano Donninelli (I), Matjaž Drevenšek (SLO), Peter Epstein (USA), Nenad Firšt (SLO), Fabrizio Mancuso (F), Saša Nestorović (CRO), Dejan Prešiček (SLO), Miha Rogina (SLO) and Dragan Sremec (CRO).
    2. The members of the jury will select the chair of the jury before the competition begins.
    3. A member of the jury awards a competitor points on a scale from 1 to 100 (a score as low as 50 points means that a performance is still acceptable).
    4. In categories I and II, the final score is a sum of all points received.
    5. In category III, the final score is a sum of the points from the qualifying round (these are not made public before the competition is concluded) and the points from the finals.
    6. In addition to awarding three (3) winners in each category, the jury also awards:
    - best performance of a composition by a Slovene composer in each category
    - best performance of a composition of one's own choice in category II.
    7. If a member of the jury is a relative of a competitor or is his/her current or former teacher, he may not assess the competitor.
    8. The jury's decision is final; competitors will have a chance to talk to jury members following the competition.

    Competition fees:
    1st and 2nd category: 60 €
    3rd category: 85 €
    Rehearsal (30 minutes) with official accompanist: 17 €
    Please state the number of rehearsals desired (up to two) in your registration form.
    Competitors are recommended to come with their own accompanist.
    The number of participants is limited. The list will follow the order of incoming registrations. The closing date is June 10, 2005 (date as postmark). In case of subsequent cancellation the organizer retains 20 % of the fee as reimbursement for administration costs.

    Way of payment:
    Bank: Raiffeisen Krekova banka d.d., Maribor
    Account number: 276200-5182638

    Registration form for the competition (PDF)

    Please send your registration form to:
    Kulturni dom Nova Gorica
    Bevkov trg 4
    5000 Nova Gorica

    Or by fax:
    +386 5 335 40 20

    Following documents should be enclosed:

  • copy of the receipt of fee payment,
  • birth certificate or document containing birth data.


    1st category
    1st prize: a gift voucher for 400 € - ROBERTO BUTTUS
    2nd prize: a gift voucher for 300 € - BG FRANCE
    3rd prize: a gift voucher for 170 € - SOUND TECH

    2nd category
    1st prize: KINSTAR soprano saxophone - SYMPHONY INTERNATIONAL
    and a concert organized by JEUNESSES MUSICALES SLOVENIA
    2nd prize: a gift voucher for 500 € - E. ROUSSEAU MUSIC PRODUCTS
    3rd prize: a gift voucher for 400 € - VANDOREN

    3rd category
    1st prize: SELMER Super Action III alto saxophone and solo concert with CELJE STRING ORCHESTRA in the 2005/06 season
    2nd prize: YAMAHA YAS-875EX alto saxophone - AVTOTEHNA MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS
    3rd prize: TREVOR J. JAMES alto saxophone - LASTRA COMPANY
    and a gift voucher for 150 € - Shop PECAR

    The “CITY OF NOVA GORICA AWARD”, a bronze sculpture by the Slovenian artist Zmago Posega, is presented for the best performance in the 2nd category for the composition chosen from the list.

    THE SOCIETY OF SLOVENE COMPOSERS will present winners in each category with practical prizes: three published works by Slovene composers, a CD from the ’Ars SlovenicA’ collection chosen by the winners, and the publication "Composers' traces after 1900" written by Črt Sojar Voglar.

    SLOWAY Music Editions will award winners in each category with practical prizes (a collection of Slovenian saxophone music) in the amount of 125 € .

    All candidates will receive a certificate of attendence.

    The best young piano accompanist will be awarder.
    Award given by: Mestna občina Nova Gorica.

    Special award: concert for the winner in III. category within »Samobor Music Fall 2005, Croatia«

    The International Competition of Saxophonist has been made possible by:

  • Henri Selmer Paris, France
  • Avtotehna, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Lastra Company, Mengeš, Slovenia
  • Symphony International, Kranj, Slovenia
  • Eugene Rousseau Music Products, USA
  • Vandoren Paris, France
  • Roberto Buttus, S. Giovanni al Nat. (UD), Italy
  • Celje String Orchestra, Slovenia
  • Jeunesses musicales Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Sloway Music Editions, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • The Society of Slovene Composers, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • BG France
  • Sound Tech, Radeče, Slovenia
  • Pecar Piano Center, Gorica, Italy
  • Saksofonija Music Society, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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