11th International Saxophone Meeting in Slovenia

Nova Gorica, June 30th - July 8th 2007

The International Meeting of Saxophonists that the Nova Gorica Arts Centre organises together with the music school Glasbena šola Nova Gorica is entering its second decade with a fresh and attractive programme. This will be the 11th Meeting featuring an international school of saxophone, an international competition and a varied festival. Due to top teachers and superb concerts, the summer saxophone events have become a firmly established fixture both in Slovenia and abroad. A treat for the audiences, concerts at a week-long festival enliven summer evenings in the region of Goriška.

Organised by:
Kulturni dom Nova Gorica
Glasbena šola Nova Gorica

Bevkov trg 4
SI – 5000 Nova Gorica

Project leader:
Pavla Jarc

Project coordinator and contact person:
Metka Sulič
T +386 5 33 540 13
F +386 5 33 540 20
E pr@kulturnidom-ng.si

Organising committee:
Pavla Jarc
Matjaž Drevenšek
Vlasta Vižintin
Božica Ambrožič
Stojan Ristovski
Tatjana Gregorič
Metka Sulič

Mestna občina Nova Gorica
Ministrstvo za kulturo Republike Slovenije
Pro Helvetia, Swiss arts council
Nizozemsko veleposlaništvo

Sponsors for competition:

  • Henri Selmer Paris, France & Sound Tech, Radeče, Slovenia
  • Yamaha Music Central Europe GmbH, Branch CEE
  • Roberto Buttus, S. Giovanni al Nat. (UD), Italy
  • Symphony international, Kranj, Slovenia
  • D'Addario and Company, Inc. New York, USA
  • Eugene Rousseau Music Products, USA
  • Vandoren Paris, France
  • BG France
  • Lastra Company, Mengeš, Slovenia
  • Jeunesses musicales Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Hartman, Maribor, Slovenia
  • Society of Slovene Composers, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Sloway Music Editions, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Saksofonija Music Society, Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Sponsors for summer school:

  • Iskra Avtoelektrika d.d.
  • Nova KBM
  • Banka Koper
  • Nova Ljubljanska Banka

    Media sponsors:
    Radio Koper
    Radio Robin
    Radio Nova
    TV Primorka
    TV Vitel

    9th international meeting of saxophonists in Slovenia 2005
    10th international meeting of saxophonists in Slovenia 2006

  • Snapshots from 10th international meeting of saxophonists in Slovenia 2006

    Special thanks to regional RTV centre Koper-Capodistria for collaboration.

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